Marine Locker

Marine Locker is also a kind of marine furniture.We offer varieties of marine lockers,such as Marine Wardrobe,Marine File Cabinet,Marine Book Rack or Bookcase,Marine Side Cabinet,Marine Bedside Cabinet,Marine TV Table,Marine Refrigerator Cabinet,Marine Medicine Cabinet,Marine Binocular Case,Marine Key Box,Marine Flag Cabinet,etc.They are all specially suitable to ships,boats and vessels. We also accept your special requirements.Various designs are available as required.At the same time,We offer you different materials,such as wood,aluminum,aluminum honeycomb,steel,etc.We adopt professional designs,so the design of our marine locker meets marine conditions.They have anti-rust,durable,fireproof and waterproof features.Therefore,Our products can suit your requirements.The size can be customized according to your space size.


Material:wood,aluminum,aluminum honeycomb,steel,etc.


If you have any question or want to know more about other marine furniture,please feel free to contact us directly.Our Website is http://www.hiseamarine.com/marine-furniture/. You can also click http://www.hiseamarine.com/ to find more products as you need.We will provide high quality products and satisfactory service for you.