Marine Table

The marine table is a kind of marine furniture or ship furniture.Our marine table or marine desk is fully suited to ships and vessels.Various marine tables are available for you,such as marine chart table,marine radio table,marine desk,marine office table or desk,marine computer table or desk,marine coffee table,marine end table,marine mess table and marine conference table.


Furthermore,We provide different types of materials,such as stainless steel type,steel type,aluminum type,honeycomb aluminum type,wood type,etc.These materials of marine table are completely suitable for marine environment.In addition,we will offer you our tables according to your specific space size or your special requirements.Our marine tables are not only beautiful and elegant,but also easy for assembling.The size and color can be customzied according to your requests.


If you are interested in our tables or more other products,please feel free to contact us at http://www.hiseamarine.com/ for more information. We will offer you satifactory service.