Mold Racking

Description of Mold Racking

Mold racking is also known as drawer racking.It is mainly used for storing all kinds of mold and other goods.It can be divided into light duty racks and heavy duty shelves.Drawer racking has strong load capacity and high safety factor.It is easy to store heavy goods and save space.A roller track is equipped at the bottom of the drawer rack.The drawer board with goods can still be pulled back freely.Chain hoist move car can be configured at the top of rack,which is easy to goods access.

The load capacity of the heavy duty mold rack is not less than 800kg each layer.The load capacity of the light duty drawer pack is less than 800kg each layer.The height of drawer rack is not more than 2000mm.The overall rack uses assembled structure.It is easy to assemble.Hi-sea mold racking is made of high quality cold-rolled steel(Q235).

Features of Mold Racking:

Assembled by upright,guide groove,drawer board,rod,pins,etc;

Drawer trays mainly consists of slide track and drawer plate.Drawer plate is made of the frame which is welded by rectangular tubes and bent parts and steel plate;

Each slide track is fixed by two bearings.It can roll freely in the guide groove.The resistance is small, so the drawer can easily be pulled out;

The pins and the stopper pins can be available for ensuring that the drawer tray doesnĄ¯t slide down when the drawer is pulled out;

Every single mold racking is connected through bolts so that it has stable structure;

Covering small area,saving space,safe and reliable,easy operation;

The appearance of drawer racking is smooth,beautiful.It has strong adhesion;

Various colors and designs are available according to clientsĄ¯ special requirements.

Note:Drawer or mold racking can be customized according to your special requirements.For any more information,welcome to contact us directly.

Mold Racking

Drawer Racking

Mold Racking

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Mold Racking

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Mold Racking

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