Stacking Rack

Description of Stacking Rack

Stacking rack is also known as solid rack.It is a kind of transportation and storage equipment which is derived from pallets.This equipment has multiple functions,such as unit container,goods storage and circulation of commodities.It needs to be used with forklifts.

The stacking rack can mutually heap 3 or 4 layers to form three-dimensional storage mode without the aid of shelves,storage cages,pallets and other equipment.It is suitable for using in leasing warehouse,low old-fashioned warehouse or workshop staging area,etc.These areas are not suitable for investing racks.

Features of Stacking Rack:

Folding stacking rack can be available;

Stacking rack can be set aside freely according to the field conditions;

Unified specification, fixed capacity, storage at a glance, easy to warehouse inventory;

It can be used with the tray;

This stacking rack has a wide range of applications cooperating with mechanized transportation equipment,.It can be used in many areas,such as transportation,handling, storage,etc;

It can be piled high to improve space utilization.It is up to four layers.The bearing is 3000kg.When it is not in use,it can be stacked to save space.

Note:Hi-sea stacking rack can be customized according to customers¡¯ special requests.For any more information,welcome to contact us directly.Best service is available.

Stacking Rack

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Stacking Rack

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Stacking Rack

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