Dredge Steel Pipe

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Dredge Steel Pipe

Description of Dredge Steel Pipe

Dredge Steel Pipe is mainly applicable for cleaning and conveying silt,mud and other mixed sundries.Our dredge steel pipe can be used for land and offshore.It can be worked with Dredge Floater and Dredge Rubber Hose for one pipeline.Hi-sea dredge steel pipe is made from reliable and qualified raw material, produced by using the advanced production technologies and processes. We provide high quality dredge steel pipe for our clients through the strict test and inspection.Hi-sea dredge steel pipe passes the ISO9001:2000, and we support the third party inspection,such as BV,SGS,etc.

Various types of Dredge Steel Pipe are available: Dredge Spiral Steel Pipe ,Dredge Straight Seam Steel Pipe ,Dredge Seamless Steel Pipe .

Production Technology of Dredging Steel Pipe:

Dredging steel pipe is made by the external control or internal control roller forming,etc.

Detailed Parameters of Dredge Steel Pipe:

Dredge steel pipe material: Q215B--Q235B ,X42--X65 ,L245 --L390,etc.

Dredge steel pipe standard: GB/T 9711.1-1997 ,SY/T 5037-2000.

Certificates and standard:API 5L ,API 5CT ,ISO ,CE, ASTM A53,API 5L PSL1,PSL2, CE, API 5CT,KS,ISO,BV ,etc.

Dredge steel pipe categories: ¦µ 219 * 5 to 8 ¡ª¡ª¦µ 2420 * 6 to 32.
Dredge steel pipe length: Every one is 6 to 12 m in length.Usually,the specified length allows deviation plus or minus 20 mm.It can also be produced according to the strict size standard.
Hi-sea provides ¡é219 - ¡é2420 mm dredge steel pipe.Its thickness is 5 mm - 32 mm.Meanwhile,Various specifications of dredge steel pipe can be customized according to customers¡¯ special demands.

Features of Dredge Steel Pipe:

Resistance to chemical corrosion,soil corrosion and marine life corrosion.

Good resistance to weather,it is suitable for harsh desert and saline environment.

Excellent physical properties,excellent corrosion resistance.

The mechanical strength is the same with the steel pipe.

Healthy and non-toxic,long service life.

Mature installation technology,It is convenient and quick.

Smooth wall is available for improving the efficiency of transporting.

Dredge Steel Pipe

Dredge Steel Pipe with Flange

Dredge Steel Pipe

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Dredge Steel Pipe

Dredge Steel Pipe(2)

Dredge Steel Pipe

Dredge Steel Pipe(3)

Dredge Steel Pipe

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Dredge Steel Pipe

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Dredge Steel Pipe

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